Regionality and freshness
Plin Milano

What is a plin and what is our goal?

It is not just a simple stuffed pasta;
It is a symbol of tradition; the pinch that encompasses it creates one-of-a-kind nuggets.

From the pasta, to the filling and the matching seasoning all savored in one spoonful to make people rediscover a region in one bite, in fact the menu is inspired by taking cues from the regions of Italy;

PLIN's goal is to enhance ingredients through the knowledge of our Chef Creator and his team, who are constantly striving to find new flavors and pairings.

Plin was born from a very different thought from the various restaurants for precisely it is based on a completely new concept that we call FAST-RESTAURANT because the offer is of a restaurant product but with the speed of a fast-food all at an affordable price for everyone;

The bottega and the restaurant are the areas that characterize our premises, giving the possibility of buying the raw product from "bottega" or enjoying it directly on site with the possibility of take-away.

"if it is true that we are what we eat, I want to eat only PLIN"

Sublime experience
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